Japan committee for IUCN (IUCN-J) was established in 1980, when the World Conservation Strategy was launched in Japan, for the purpose of exchanging information on IUCN and facilitating cooperation among IUCN members in Japan.

Some of the major works conducted by the Japan Committee is the launching of the IUCN regional member meeting in northeast Asia in 1995 and the international symposium called "Fontainebleau in Kyoto-World Heritage and Japanese Tradition" memorizing the 50th Anniversary of IUCN in 1998. In addition, member organizations related to the protected area established the Japan Committee for the World Commission on Protection Areas in East Asia (WCPA-EA-J) and held the 2nd East Asia Protected Area conference in Kushiro in 1996.

The Committee was officially recognized as a national committee by the IUCN Council in October 2001. As of April 2010, the committee comprises about 20 member organizations including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of the Environment. It is chaired by Mr Tsunao Watanabe, Japan Wildlife Research Centre, United Nations University. The office is situated in the Nature Conservation Society of Japan.


Mr. Tsunao Watanabe
Japan Wildlife Research Centre, United Nations University
Kotobashi 3-3-7 Sumida-ku, 130-8606 Tokyo, Japan

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Mr.Teppei Dohke
Japan Committee for IUCN
c/o Nature Conservation Society of Japan
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